Monday, 29 March 2010

The End Of The Beginning ???? ...... oh yh Thats ME

Yep Yep tonight is going to be a interesting night ukno' obviously im doing a waistcoat, shirt and tie combo as per'

but furthermore it would be interesting to see certain peoples behaviour hence jason, zoe and me plus other girls because you know girls in general are ........yh just awkward sometimes, but YH! personal affairs need to be deaded' right now its all about artistic visual composition..meaning........tbh i dont know really sounded cool in my head but to christen my 1st blog i shall post some drawings (just drawings Yeah!) FAM ..dis is how you know im special icant draw to save the earth i havent had no art lessons ididnt do art in school well only like in year 7-9 but thats not the point ukno' ipersonally dont think im good ihavent drawn anything before i scribble ALOT...

but yh [sidestep] drawings...

cartoony version of me or of some1 that doesnt look nothing like me but it originated from a 'scribbled' number 4

this is exclusive and copyrighted and i dnt want to tell you anyway its one of my art concepts so you would jus have to guess what it is or looks like mate'

both of the above originated from a drawing i produced on the computer which turned out to have a sideview head or an animal resembling a kinda of dog or something and to me it seemed unfinished/incomplete ukno' so i thought i would try scribble something from he basic shape and see if i can get anything from it and i got this

iAm going to leave it at that for now coz im gonna be late as per' to wherever iAm going and i dnot have much time doing what i wanted to do...sooooooooo

*blog of the phrase.............phrase of the blog*

["Oi!....Sit down your making the place look untidy" lool]


.............MIX UP A FEW LETTERS..............


wahn' German noun illusion; delusion; possession; mania


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